Students want to work for firms which pay the real Living Wage, new study reveals as A-level results day looms : Mirror.

The findings suggest a company’s ethics are increasingly important to those entering the world of work.


The Living Wage is currently £8.45 an hour outside London (Image: PA)

Four out of five students would take a “dim view” of bosses who failed to pay office cleaners and canteen staff the real Living Wage, a study reveals today.

Two-thirds of school leavers actively “seek out evidence of ethical practices” by firms they are looking to work for, researchers found.

The report by the Living Wage Foundation comes as tens of thousands of A-level students prepare to collect exam results tomorrow and either plan to go to university or find jobs.

Living Wage Foundation Director Katherine Chapman said: “The message to employers from this survey is clear – if you want top talent, you need to treat all staff fairly and pay a real Living Wage.

“It’s not enough to provide great packages for graduates; students want to know that cleaners and agency staff earn enough to live on through the real Living Wage.

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  1. I’m sure the firms are quaking in their boots. For every student who turns down a job because the employer is not ethical, there will be hundreds that won’t care what the cleaners are being paid.


  2. i think not those who would work for these companies wouldn’t care whot cleaners earn whots happening with you to are you both on hols or sick


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