Theresa May is ‘too busy meeting voters’ to have a TV debate. When is she going to meet the voters? : i News

Theresa May speaks to Tory activists in Bolton (Photo: Andrew Yates/PA Wire)

In Sedgley, a town in the West Midlands connecting Wolverhampton and Dudley and known for its high levels of anti-social behaviour offences, 73-year-old Graham Mills was not happy to see the Prime Minister. ‘Get off my lawn’ Mr Mills, who was cutting his grass when “a load of cars pulled up”, was not expecting visitors and grew increasingly unimpressed by the surprise call. “She [Theresa May] asked if she could walk across my lawn and I said ‘no, not really, I have just cut it’,” he told Midlands paper the Express and Star. He then asked Mrs May questions on Europe, privatisation and her decision not to take part in TV debates but complained he received “really disappointing” results on all counts. “I was amazed at how nervous she was,” he said. The invisible canvasser Those nerves are perhaps understandable. Because, remarkably, Mr Mills appears to be the only voter – bar Tory activists invited to events – that the Prime Minister is on record of actually having spoken to since announcing June’s snap election.

True, May was yesterday filmed by Sky News awkwardly doorstepping in Aberdeenshire, alongside Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson – but the embarrassing stage-managed footage simply showed the PM get out of a green Jaguar, ring door bells on six empty neighbouring houses, get shooed away by an uninterested voter from another, and then give up, get back in the Jaguar and drive off. Submarine May plummets None of this, of course, need much matter. Mrs May is famously reticent and has been since her Home Secretary days, when some Tory MPs gave her the nickname “Submarine” for disappearing when things got difficult (her deep-sea submersion during the run-up to the Brexit vote being one case in point).




    1. I think I prefer the Corbyn one, it gets much better reviews…

      5.0 out of 5 starsDecent
      By Teepee on 2 May 2017
      Surprisingly good. Everything I’d read/heard/seen about this item convinced me that it was weak and useless. After a few chats back and forth with my JC cut-out (more forth than back, admittedly – it is cardboard after all) I have concluded that my JC cut-out is a thoroughly decent item. My Theresa May one kept falling over to the right, repeating robotic phrases (I tried everything but couldn’t make it stop – I think the BBC had it on autoplay or something), laughing at making doctors and teachers suicidal, making the poor and infirm starve, and making a laughing stock of itself in the EU. I tried to chat with the TM cut-out, I really did. It would disappear and then send weird film clips with dead-eyed 20-person audience clapping disappointedly along with its odd rhetoric. At one point it even hid in a forest. On the whole, if you’re a decent item yourself, you’re going to want a decent item like the JC model.


    1. If Corbyn was behaving in such a bizarre manner as this, it would be front page of every Torag poodle press publication, questioning his ‘Stability’
      None of what she is doing makes one iota of sense, unless your earlier idea is correct and she is trying to throw the election…


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