Grenfell Tower Insurance Payout Could Be Biggest in European History at $1Bln : Sputnik News

The Grenfell Tower inferno might turn out to be the single biggest building insurance payout in European history. Kensington Council’s Norwegian insurers could be faced with a bill for US$1 billion.

The Metropolitan Police said on Monday (June 19) that 79 people were missing and presumed dead after last week’s fire in Grenfell Tower in west London, but the death toll is expected to rise again.

Reports last week suggested the fire began when a refrigerator in a fourth floor flat caught fire.

The resident, Ethiopian-born taxi driver Behailu Kebede, rang 999 when he noticed the flames around 12:54 am on Wednesday (June 14).

But BBC’s Panorama documentary, which aired on Monday evening, suggested the initial fridge blaze was extinguished, but as firefighters left the building they noticed the outside of the tower was on fire.

The flames spread rapidly and by 01:15 am had reached the top floor.

Footage has emerged of firefighters racing towards the towering inferno and staring in bewilderment at the blaze. One asks: “How is that possible?” and a colleague says: “How are we going to get into that?”



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  1. “Ironically, Kensington and Chelsea Council, which is the freeholder of Grenfell Tower, changed its insurer in March.”

    Something stinks with this council. All their finances need looking at imo.

    I wonder if the council own the land, and how much a site like that might be valued at?

    One thing’s for sure, when all the clearing up, and demolition is completed, they won’t be building social housing on it.

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