‘I’m worrying about buying food’ Wheelchair-bound pensioner has benefits slashed by £242 a week : Daily Record.

Former trawlerman Robert Donaldson, who now needs help with basic daily tasks, is losing sleep worrying about paying his bills.

Sixty six year old Robert Donaldson who says he has been unfairly treated by benefits assessors. (Photo: Daily

An amputee pensioner with kidney failure, heart problems and hearing loss has had his benefits cut because he’s not sick enough.

Robert Donaldson has been told his £300 a week payment is being slashed to £58.

He is now frantic with worry about how he will buy food and pay his bills.

Robert, 66, said: “I don’t sleep now. I’m up worrying until about 5am every morning.”

The pensioner used to receive £300 a week Disability LivingAllowance.

But that benefit is being replaced by the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and claimants have to undergo an assessment.

When deciding whether to grant benefits, the Department for Work and Pensions score people on how their disabilities affect their daily living needs and mobility.

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  1. I think it should be £300 pm, it’s impossible to get £300 pw in PIP.

    Also, as you say, he should be claiming his pension plus pension credit, if he’s entitled.

    If he’s still receiving £58 per week, it sounds like he might have been put on attendance allowance.

    Very strange.


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