Barrister: Labour’s DPA breach could cost £mns – and remake its NEC


As the SKWAWKBOX revealed this morning, a highly-qualified barrister has issued a legal opinion that the provision of Labour members’ data to Gerard Coyne‘s campaign constitutes a likely criminal breach of the Data Protection Act (DPA) that could render the individuals responsible and the Unite union liable for unlimited fines, as well as to potentially thousands of lawsuits from affected Labour members.

Of course, the breach is not just a Unite/Coyne matter. Individuals within the Labour Party passed members’ data to Coyne or his team and the same principle applies – those individuals and Labour could be liable to the same penalties.

But the ramifications within the Labour Party are not limited to criminal sanctions.

sawing branchHas Labour’s right-wing faction sawn off the branch it’s sitting on?

Here’s what barrister Duncan Shipley-Dalton said about Labour’s position:

With regard to whether liability would sit with the individuals or with the party…

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  1. Coyne has completely discredited himself with his underhand dealings, and brought Unite into disrepute. Let’s hope he drags the Labour MPs, who have colluded with him, down with him.

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